"Invalid email address" error

If you're getting an error that reads, "Invalid email address," Google does not recognize your username (if you use Gmail) or your email address (if you don't use Gmail).

Common reasons for getting this error

  • There's an extra space in the middle of your username or your email address.
    • This happens most often if you're trying to sign in with your name instead of your username/email address. For example “John Smith” instead of johnsmith332.
  • There's more than one @ sign.
  • There's invalid characters like parentheses, colons, semicolons, etc.
  • You've accidentally entered @gmail or @yahoo instead of @gmail.com or @yahoo.com.

Refreshing your browser

If you’re pretty sure your username or email address is entered correctly, try refreshing the sign-in page on your browser and re-entering your username or email address.

If you've forgotten your Google Accounts username, you can try to recover it using our troubleshooter.

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