Delete your Google Account

You can delete your Google Account at any time. If you change your mind, you might not be able to recover it.

Step 1: Learn what deleting your account means

  • You’ll lose all the data and content in that account, like emails, files, calendars, and photos.
  • You won't be able to use Google services where you sign in with that account, like Gmail, Drive, Calendar, or Play.
  • You’ll lose access to subscriptions and content you bought with that account on YouTube or Google Play, like apps, movies, games, music, and TV shows.

More data & content you'll lose

  • Information you saved in Chrome, like bookmarks.
  • Your Gmail address. Emails sent to that address won’t reach you. Your address can’t be used again by you or anyone else.
If you use an Android device

You'll no longer be able to use some apps and services on your device.

Google Play

  • You won’t be able to get or update apps or games from the Play Store.
  • You won’t be able to use music, movies, books, or magazines you purchased.
  • You’ll lose any music you bought elsewhere and added to Google Play.
  • You might lose your game progress, achievements, and other Google Play data from your account.


You’ll lose contacts that are stored only in your Google Account and not separately on your device.


  • Data won’t be saved to Drive. This data includes photos taken with your device or files downloaded from emails.
  • You won't be able to download or upload files to the deleted account.
If you use a Chromebook

You won’t be able to use any Chrome apps or extensions for the deleted account, both free and paid.

You’ll still be able to:

  • Let others use your Chromebook temporarily
  • Sign in with a Google Account that hasn’t been deleted

Step 2: Review & download your info

Before you delete your account:

Step 3: Delete your account

Note: If you have more than one Google Account, deleting one won’t delete the others.

  1. Go to Delete your Google Account.
  2. Review what you’re deleting and follow the instructions.

Remove other services from your Google Account

If you don’t want to delete your entire Google Account, learn how to:

Remove a Google Account from your device

To remove an account from your device without deleting it, follow the instructions below. If you don’t see your device, visit the maker’s support site.

Recover your account

If you changed your mind or accidentally deleted your account, you might be able to get it back. Learn how to recover your account.

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