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Edit your Google Account information

Manage information associated with your Google Account.

Edit your basic account information

You can edit information like your name, birthday, gender, and the email addresses and phone numbers associated with your account.

  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. In the "Personal info & privacy" section, select Your personal info.
  3. Choose the information you want to edit and follow the instructions.

More details about your information


You have a few options in the "Gender" section of My Account. You can:

  • Specify your gender
  • Decline to specify your gender
  • Add a custom gender and tell Google how to refer to you

Who sees your gender

By default, information about your gender isn't shared with other users of Google products. You can control who sees your gender on your "About me" page.

How Google uses your gender

We use your gender to make Google services more personal. When you specify your gender, you help us to:

  • Personalize messages, ads, and other text that refer to you. For example, users who can see your gender might see text like "Send him a message" or "In her circles."
  • Provide more relevant, tailored content you might be interested in.

If you don't specify your gender, we'll use gender-neutral terms to refer to you, like "Send them a message."

Change your password
  1. Sign in to My Account.
  2. In the "Sign-in & security" section, select Signing in to Google.
  3. Select Password.
  4. Re-enter your password if asked.
  5. Follow the instructions and select Change password.

For more information on security and safety, check out Google's Safety Center.

Control how other people see you

On your "About me" page, you can choose the information other people see about you across Google services, such as Gmail and Hangouts. You can also preview how your information appears to others.

Some of the things you can change include:

  • Nickname
  • Gender
  • Employment info, like where you work
  • Personal contact info, like your phone number, email address, and mailing address
  • Work contact info, like your work email and phone number
  • Places you've visited
  • Education info

Learn how to update this information and preview what it looks like to others.

Time zone

When you travel, you might want to view events in your current location's time zone. Learn how to change your time zone in Google Calendar.


Ashley is an Accounts expert and the author of this help page. Leave her feedback below about how to improve it.

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