Create a Google Account

A Google Account lets you access a variety of Google products such as Gmail, Google+, YouTube, and many more. A Google Account includes a Gmail address and a Google Profile, which will help you have a richer, more personalized experience across Google products.

You can create a Google Account by going to the Account Creation page, or by clicking the Create an account button on the top-right corner of any Google sign-in page. You can use your Google Account with all Google products, so once you create an account -- regardless of whether you do it through the Account Creation page or through a specific product’s sign-in page -- you can use that username and password with any Google product.

Let’s say that you want to start using YouTube to post your videos. You go to, and create a Google Account. Not only can you use that username and password combination to sign in to and start posting videos on YouTube, you can also use it to create and share documents in Google Docs.

We’ll send all emails about your account and product usage to your new Gmail address, which will be your

When you create your account, we’ll ask you for some information to provide you with a secure and personalized Google experience. Learn more about the information you provide at sign-up.