Security notifications

If Google needs to tell you about changes to your account, or if we find suspicious activity, we'll let you know. Depending on the info we have from you, we'll get in touch by text, by emailing your main and recovery email addresses, or by doing both.

Alerts for new sign-ins

To help you stay on top your account's security, Google sends an email when you sign in to an application or device for the first time.

The alert gives the time and place of the sign-in. If something looks suspicious to you, for example if you weren't the one to sign in, head to the Recently used devices to help secure your account. There, you can manage which devices have access to your account and see when they were last used.

Common problems with alerts

My location is incorrect

Sometimes your reported location may be incorrect. We get the general area you're in from your IP address, so you might have activity from locations that are close to your actual location. Learn more about how Google gets your location.

I've used my device before

We might send you an alert for a device that you've signed in from before. This can happen if you've recently deleted cookies, updated your browser or an app, or use incognito mode.  If you've recently changed the password on your account, you may also receive the new sign-in alert.

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