Password changed or recovery options changed email

To help keep your account secure, Google sends you an email any time your password is changed or one of your password recovery options (your backup email, security question, or phone number) has been added, removed, or updated. If you made this change, you don’t have to do anything.

Notification about a change you didn’t make

If you receive a notification about a password change that you didn't make, you should immediately follow these steps to recover your account.

Similarly, if you receive a notification about a change to your password backup options you didn't make, someone may have gotten into your account, and you should recover your account.

Notification about someone else’s account

If the notification is about changes to the password or password recovery options for another person’s Google Account, someone may have accidentally typed in your email address when typing in their own secondary email address. Don’t worry, being added as a secondary email address won’t affect the security of your account or your account settings, so you don’t need to do anything.

In some cases, you might see a link at the bottom of the notification email that you can click to remove your email address from the other person’s account.

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