Why data moving isn’t available for certain products

There are a few reasons why you wouldn’t be able to transfer data for a specific product through the data moving tool:

Product is not yet available for this tool

Data transfer is only available for some products. Other products, such as Google Reader or Blogger, are stored in your conflicting account. To access this data, sign in to the account where the data was originally stored. Once you're signed in to that account, you may also be interested in moving the data manually, if the product supports this.

Product is turned off by the domain administrator

If your administrator has turned off access to a Google product, you will not be able to move data for that product into your Google Apps account. To access the product, you’ll need to either use an existing personal account or create a new one.

If you are the administrator of your domain, you can learn how to enable a product for your domain here

Product data already exists

You can’t move data from a product to an account that already has that product because there's no way to merge the data.

No data associated with conflicting account

You will see this message if you have signed into a Google product in the past, but never used that product. For example, you may have signed in to a product like Google Voice, but never set up a Google Voice number. Although this product shows up in the data moving tool, there’s actually no data that you can migrate.

If you’re trying to move data for a product not supported by the data moving tool, you will need to continue to access that data with your existing account, where the data is originally stored. However, as long as you have access to the product in both accounts, you can move your data manually between accounts.