Moving your data manually

If you want to move a product that cannot be moved with the data moving tool or if you want to move your data to another account besides your Google Apps account, you can manually move your data or share your data between accounts.

Getting started moving data manually

In order to be able to move data manually from your temporary account into another account, you will first need to rename your temporary account. Once you have renamed this account, sign in to it using the email address and password you just chose.

Moving your data manually

To manually move data from any of these products, click on its name for product-specific instructions:

For products that cannot be moved, you can instead share data between accounts by following these product-specific instructions:

Moving ads products

Ads products, such as AdWords, AdSense, YouTube, Google Places and Google Analytics, are often linked to one another for reporting and advertisement serving purposes. For example, a local business owner may link their AdWords account with Google Places to automatically display their store’s address in ads.

If these products are not moved together the links will be broken, resulting in a risk of reporting inconsistencies and certain ads to stop serving. As a result, you'll need to move all the data in these accounts at the same time.


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