Google Apps album visibility

As a Google Apps customer, you have two additional Picasa Web Albums privacy levels that let you share albums securely with the people in your domain. However, please share with care: anyone (even people outside your domain) that receives an email sharing invitation will see the album cover, title, description, and any updates to the album.

When creating an album, you can also use the normal consumer Picasa Web Albums visibility states, but be aware that albums set to these visibility states can be viewed by people outside of your domain.

Public in the domain icon Share publicly within your organization

Set your album visibility to the name of your organization to make it visible to anyone within your domain on your public gallery. To see these photos, viewers will have to be signed into their account.

Anyone in your domain with the link icon People at your organization with the link

This option provides more privacy. Visibility is still limited to people signed in to your domain ( However, only the people within your organization that have the exact web address (URL) will be able to see the album. It will not be browsable on your public gallery. If one of these albums gets more visibility than you'd like, you can always reset the URL.

A couple notes on using these domain restricted visibilities:
  • It's permanent: By applying one of these visibilities, you will no longer be able to share the photos with the world. 'Public to the web' or 'Anyone with the link' will no longer be an option.
  • It's not yet supported by the Picasa software: The Picasa software does not yet offer these organizational visibility options at the time of upload. You can either upload from within Picasa Web Albums or upload as 'Only you' and then change the online album visibility.