Accounts settings page

If you are browsing your Accounts page, you may find that some options are different for you on a converted Google Apps account than on a standard Google Account. We've explained the settings differences below.

Password Recovery Options

You can't set recovery options for your Google Apps account on this page because your domain administrator has restricted password changes. This generally happens when Google Apps accounts are managed by a company, organization, or school. If you'd like to recover your password, please contact your administrator.

Email Addresses

You do not have the option to edit your email addresses on your Google Apps account. This is because your email address is managed by an administrator, so you will need to contact your administrator if you wish to change your delivery address.

You may also see an email listed under Email Addresses in the form of below your Google Apps email address. This represents a temporary email address, which you do not need to feel alarmed about.

My Products

You will notice listed here the products you use on your account. Unfortunately, you may realize that several of the products you use are not listed in the My Products section. If you'd like to begin seeing all the products you use to be listed in the products section of your accounts settings page, you will need to sign into the product directly:

  1. Visit the product page of your choice.
  2. Click Sign out.
  3. Sign back in with the account for which you'd like the product to appear in your settings.

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