Does this affect how I sign in to my Google Apps account?

If you have a conflicting account because you either:

  1. Started using a Google Apps email address before November 18, 2010 and used products outside of Google Apps core suite of products (Mail, Calendar, Sites, Groups, Docs, and Video) with your Google Apps email address.
  2. Your domain has recently started using Google Apps, and you previously used your email address to access Google products before your domain started using Google Apps.

The changes only affect the sign-in credentials for a conflicting account.Only your sign-in credentials for your personal conflicting account will change. This does not in any way affect the credentials you should use to sign-in to your Google Apps account, or how you access the data in your Google Apps account. You should still sign in to your organizational account with, and your contacts should still email you at

You may see 'An update to your account is required' when signing in with your address because you previously had a conflicting account with the same name as your organizational account and we're not sure which account you're trying to access - the personal conflicting account, or the organizational account. When you see this 'An update to your account is required' page, you will need to decide where your conflicting account data belongs and then rename your conflicting account.


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