Unusual activity detected on your account

Because we detected unusual activity on your account, we've disabled it for the time being. In most cases, accounts are disabled because of a perceived violation of either the Google Terms of Service or product-specific Terms of Service.

To immediately regain access, follow these steps:
  1. Sign in to your account at https://accounts.google.com/Login
  2. Enter your phone number and choose how you want to receive a verification code (SMS or voice call)
  3. Click Send verification code to my phone
  4. You may need to wait up to 10 minutes to receive our SMS or voice call. Please do not request another code if the first one has not arrived. Only the most recent code requested will be accepted.

If the above process does not work, you can contact support for further assistance. Note that we will only follow up if we have more information to provide.

Read more about keeping your account secure.