Other options for using multiple accounts

Google offers multiple sign-in which allows you to use more than one Google Account in the same browser session for a limited set of Google products. However, for other products, it isn't possible to sign in to multiple Google Accounts in the same web browser. Here's why:

  • Google uses cookies to keep you signed in to your account.
  • The Google sign-in cookie only lets you sign in with one account at a time.

We know this may be inconvenient for some of you, but below are several workarounds for using multiple accounts at the same time:

  1. Use different browsers for each of your accounts. For example: Google Chrome for your full Google Account and Mozilla Firefox for your personal Google Account. (Not sure what a web browser is? Find out.)
  2. Use Google Chrome's incognito window to sign in to your second account. Note: your history won't be saved while using this option.
  3. Use multiple profiles on Chrome. Learn more.

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