Common issues

Not receiving the text message with the code

If you're receiving an error message when you request a recovery code, please note that there's a limit to the number of recovery code requests you can submit in one day. If you think that you've exceeded this limit, wait 24 hours and try again.

If you haven't received a recovery code, check this list of possible causes of this problem and some suggestions:

  • Our service was temporarily unavailable. This may have happened while you were requesting a recovery code.
  • You've ported your mobile phone number. If you've just switched mobile providers while keeping the same phone number, text messaging may not work immediately. Please wait before trying again.
  • Your provider blocked shortcodes. Your mobile provider might have inadvertently blocked you from receiving text messages from services that use shortcodes. Please ask your carrier to unblock messages from Google.

Receiving repeated text messages

Occasionally, if the communication between your mobile phone and your mobile provider doesn't go smoothly, you may receive duplicate message notifications. If you request multiple recovery codes, only the code delivered most recently will be valid. Turning your phone off and on several times may help solve this problem.

If that doesn't help, ask your mobile provider to reset your text messaging settings.

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