Detecting suspicious activity on your account

If you've been redirected to this page from the sign-in box, we've detected suspicious activity on your account.

If you notice any of the following behaviors while using Gmail or Blogger, it's possible that your account has been compromised.


  • Some messages have disappeared.
  • Messages you didn't send are bouncing.
  • Your friends complain that they received spam from you.
  • Messages that you didn't send appear in Sent Mail.
  • Your Last account activity shows sign-in activity at unusual times or from unusual computers.
  • Your Gmail settings have changed, but you didn't change them. Settings include: vacation responder, signature, forwarding, filters, and others.


  • Posts you didn't publish continue to appear on your blog despite having changed your mail-to-Blogger address.
  • You get comments from other Bloggers on posts you didn't publish.

If you believe your account has been compromised, please follow the steps to secure your account.