Age requirements on Google Accounts

Below are the minimum age requirements to own a Google Account:

  • United States: 13 or older
  • Spain: 14 or older
  • South Korea: 14 or older
  • Netherlands: 16 or older
  • All other countries: 13 or older

Google Accounts is a unified sign-in system that gives you access to products like Google+, Gmail, YouTube, and more. Learn more about Google Accounts.

Accounts in Apps for Education domains may have different age requirements.

Product-specific age requirements

Some Google products have specific age requirements. Here are a few examples:

  • YouTube: When a YouTube video has been age-restricted, a warning screen is displayed and only users who are 18 or older can watch it. Learn more about age-restricted videos.
  • Google Wallet: 18+
  • AdSense: 18+
  • AdWords: 18+

Disabled account due to incorrect birth date

In Google+ and other Google products, if you enter a birth date indicating you are not old enough to have a Google Account, your account may be disabled. If you incorrectly entered your birthdate, learn how to re-enable your Google Account.


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