Inactive Google Account Policy

A Google Account gives you Google-wide access to most Google products, such as Google Ads, Gmail, and YouTube, using the same username and password.

An inactive Google Account is an account that has not been used within a 2-year period. Google reserves the right to delete an inactive Google Account and its activity and data if you are inactive across Google for at least two years.

This policy applies to your personal Google Account. This policy doesn't apply to any Google Account that was set up for you through your work, school, or other organization.

Google also reserves the right to delete data in a product if you are inactive in that product for at least two years. This is determined based on each product's inactivity policies.

How Google defines activity

A Google Account that is in use is considered active. Activity might include these actions you take when you sign in or while you’re signed in to your Google Account:

  • Reading or sending an email
  • Using Google Drive
  • Watching a YouTube video
  • Sharing a photo
  • Downloading an app
  • Using Google Search
  • Using Sign in with Google to sign in to a third-party app or service

Google Account activity is demonstrated by account and not by device. You can take actions on any surface where you’re signed in to your Google Account, for example, on your phone.

If you have more than one Google Account set up on your device, you’ll want to make sure each account is used within a 2-year period.

What happens when your Google Account is inactive

When you don't use your Google Account within a 2-year period, it's then deemed inactive, and all of its content and data can be deleted. Before this happens, you have the opportunity to take action in your account when Google sends you:

  • Email notifications to your Google Account
  • Notifications to your recovery email, if any exists

Google products reserve the right to delete your data when your account has not been used within that product for a 2-year period.

December 1, 2023 is the earliest a Google Account will be deleted due to this policy.

Exceptions to this policy

A Google Account is considered active even if it has not been used within a 2-year period if one or more of these applies:

  • Your Google Account was used to make a purchase of a Google product, app, service, or subscription that is current or ongoing.
  • Your Google Account contains a gift card with a monetary balance.
  • Your Google Account owns a published application or game with ongoing, active subscriptions or active financial transactions associated with them. This might be a Google Account that owns an App on the Google Play store.
  • Your Google Account manages an active minor account with Family Link.
  • Your Google Account has been used to purchase a digital item, for example, a book or movie.
If you want to delete your account
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If you want to download the data from your account
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If you want to recover your account
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If you want to put a hold on your account
You can temporarily suspend your Google Account. You might want to suspend your account during military tours of duty, prison sentences, religious pilgrimage, and so on. Learn more.
How to check your activity status
If you're not sure whether your Google Account is inactive, sign in to your Google Account.

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