Change your Google Account pronoun information

Change your personal info

You can edit personal info like your pronoun information.

  1. Go to your Google Account page.
  2. Select Personal info.
  3. Under “Choose what others see,” select About me.
  4. Select the info you want to change.
  5. Make your changes.

What are pronouns?

Pronouns help other people know how to refer to you. They improve communication and are a sign of respect.

The Pronouns feature is not currently available in all languages or regions. Pronouns will appear in the language they were set, regardless of current language settings.

In the “Pronouns” section of your Google account, you can:

  • Choose from a set of existing pronouns.
  • Add custom pronouns.
  • Choose not to set pronouns.
  • Choose who can see your pronouns.

Choose who can view your pronouns

By default, your pronouns aren’t shared with other people who use Google products and services. To choose who can see your pronouns, in your Google Account, go to the “About me” section and edit the visibility to “Only you,” “Your organization” or “Anyone.”

How Google uses your pronouns

If you choose to display pronouns, they’ll appear when someone views your contact info or rolls over your avatar in Gmail, Chat, or other Google products. They’ll also appear next to your picture in Google Meet.

Pronoun information isn't used for ads or other personalization features.

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