Restoring a deleted account

Google Accounts can only be recovered within a short period of time after deletion. If you received an error message stating that "This account was deleted and is no longer recoverable," the account has been deleted for too long and cannot be restored by our support team.

Some common reasons people see this message include:

  • Your account was disabled for perceived spamming and, because you did not sign in to verify your identity, your account was deleted.
  • You intended to delete a certain product from your account but accidentally deleted your entire Google Account.
  • You never owned this account, and it was deleted by the true owner.

If you accidentally deleted your Google Account, you can attempt to restore it by going to our password-assistance page within a limited window of time after deletion. If you’d like to create a new Google Account, visit our sign-up page. Note that you will be unable to reuse your old Gmail username, as Gmail usernames cannot be recreated after they've been deleted.