About unverified apps

When a third-party app requests access to your Google Account, you may get a warning if the app has not completed the Google verification process. Those unverified third-party apps that request access to your sensitive account data may not have been reviewed for compliance with Google’s data security policies. 

Important: Third parties are companies or developers that aren’t Google. Only share your data with third parties you trust.

Why some apps are unverified

Certain apps that request access to sensitive account data go through a Google verification process before being made widely available to consumers.

Apps may be unverified because the:

  • Developer is still testing the app.
  • App is internal and limited to a specific organization.

Untrustworthy developers may try to use unverified apps for harmful purposes, like to distribute unwanted software or steal personal information. Only share your data if you’re confident you can trust the app developer.

Avoid unverified apps

If you receive a warning that an app is unverified, do not share your data unless you know and trust the app developer.

Manage apps with access to your account

Why you can’t connect to an app

Your account has extra protection
Your Google Account may be in the Advanced Protection Program. If so, only Google apps and verified third-party apps can access your account data.
Unverified app user cap
To help protect against abuse, if the app is unverified, the number of accounts that can connect to the app is limited.
Info for app developers Rate limit cap
To protect users and Google systems from abuse, apps that use OAuth and Google Identity have rate limits.
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