Blocked sign in notification

If you receive a notification that we prevented someone from signing in to your account, it means we blocked an attempt to access your account because we weren’t sure it was really you. The password was correct, but we didn’t recognize either the device or the location. To help protect your account, we ask you to visit the Recently used devices page to let us know if this was you.

Review the suspicious sign in

When you click the link provided in the notification, we’ll take you to a page with more details about the suspicious sign-in at the top. Here are a few details to review to help determine whether or not the sign-in was yours:

  • Device: Is this a device you own or recognize?
  • Time: Do you remember trying to sign in to this device at the date and time listed?
  • Location: Do you remember signing in from this place?
  • IP Address: Is this an IP address you recognize?
  • Browser: Is this a browser you usually use?
I don’t recognize this activity
Here are some reasons why activity might seem unfamiliar, but still be yours:
  • You traveled to this location, and signed in to your account while you were there.
  • You started using a new phone.
  • You signed in to your account from a friend's computer.
  • You signed in to your account on a public computer at an Internet cafe, library, or another location.

If none of these situations apply, then the activity might be suspicious. Click No - Secure your account and follow the steps to reset your password.

I recognize this activity as mine
If you’ve reviewed the information and recognize the activity as yours, click Yes - That was me!

To be extra careful, we’ll show a red alert icon by the device we detected this unusual activity on for the next two weeks. This way, if someone breaks in to your account and dismisses the notification before you see it, you can still find out about it by visiting your Recently used devices page.

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