About the Sign in Request page

When you use your Google Account to sign into a third-party website, you'll be directed to the Sign in Request page. You should grant permission to a site only if you trust it.

Important: Google does not review or endorse websites that allow you to sign in with a Google Account, and takes no responsibility for those sites. If you do not trust the website that appears on the Sign in Request page, you should not confirm that you want to use your Google Account to sign in.

Why use your Google Account to sign into third-party sites?

Using your Google Account to sign into other sites means that you won't have to remember individual usernames and passwords for each account. It makes it easier to use the web.

What information does Google share with these websites?

Google sends a random code to third-party sites to enable you to sign in to these sites with your Google Account. This code doesn't reveal any personal information. Also, the security of your Google Account will not be compromised by signing in to other sites with your account.

What other information does Google share?

When you sign in to a third-party site using your Google Account, a site may ask Google for the email address associated with your account, so that it can contact you. A site could also ask for access to any of the applications you use.

What if I no longer want to sign in to another website with my Google Account?

If you've asked a third-party site to always use Google to authenticate you (by clicking 'Stay signed in' on the Sign in Request page), you can revoke access at any time. Just follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to My Account. If you use a hosted Google Apps account, sign in and visit https://www.google.com/a/example.com/ManageAccount, and replace "example.com" with your domain name.
  2. In the "Sign-in & security" section, select Connected apps & sites.
  3. Choose Manage apps.
  4. Choose the site or app you'd like to no longer want included and select Revoke Access.
Note: Google is not affiliated with third-party sites that ask for authentication. Google simply provides sign-in technology to these sites.


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