Transfer content to your work or personal account

If you have a conflicting account, you can keep files and data from the Google Account that you created with your email address at your work or other group. You can copy your content to one or both of these places:

  • The account that was created by your work or other group and has the same email address
  • A personal Google Account

You have a few options for how to get your content to a different account.

What to know before you transfer anything

Keep personal content separate

If you have both work-related data and personal information on your account, we recommend moving these types of content to separate accounts.

Data on your work account is controlled by your administrator

Files and data that are part of an account created by your work or other group are managed by an administrator. Read the Google Privacy Policy to learn more.

If you don't want your administrator to control or have access to certain content, we recommend not moving it to that account.

Your administrator can also turn off specific products, like Drive or YouTube, for all accounts at your work or other group. If you have files or data in a product that is turned off, you might lose access to this content.

Option 1: Share content or give access

On some Google products, you can share files with your other account or let this account manage content or data. See the products listed below for examples.

Google Drive: Share your files

On Google Drive, you can share files and folders with your other account.

Tip: If you make a copy of a file, you become the owner of the copy.

YouTube: Add a manager to your channel

You can make your other account a manager of your YouTube channel.

  1. On the account that you want to be a manager, create a YouTube channel if you haven't already.
  2. Sign in to the account that currently manages the YouTube channel.
  3. Follow the steps to make your other account a manager of your YouTube channel.
  4. After this account has been a manager for at least one day, you can transfer ownership of the channel.
Google Analytics: Add a user to your account

You can add your other account as a user to your Google Analytics account and choose a permission level.

Google Ads: Add a user to your account

You can add your other account as a user to your Google Ads account and choose an access level.

Option 2: Download your data

To save your content from Google products, you can download your data. For example, you can download your bookmarks in Chrome, your saved places in Maps, and your photo albums in Google Photos.

Upload this data to your other account to use it there.

Protect Your Identity Online

Get step-by-step visual guides on the tools and practices that will help you protect your personal information with Google's Online Security Guidebook.

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