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If you have a braille display with braille input keys, you can use on-screen search to jump quickly to an item on your screen.

  1. To start an on-screen search, press Space plus dots 3 and 4. You're now in search mode.
    • In search mode, the beginning of the display has a letter “S” followed by a colon.
    • The first time you start an on-screen search, a tutorial opens to tell you what keys you can use to navigate.
  2. To perform your search, start typing some text. As you type, items that match your search appear on the display.
  3. To jump to the previous and next search result, use your display’s navigation keys.
  4. To select a search result and leave search mode, press Space plus dot 8.
  5. To exit search mode without selecting a search result, press Space plus dots 3 and 4. With this command, you return to where you were before you started the search.
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