Touch and hold delay

This setting adjusts the amount of time before your touch on the screen becomes a touch and hold.

A longer touch and hold delay means that you need to keep your finger in the same place for longer before your touch becomes a touch and hold. If you find that you accidentally touch and hold when you intend to tap, consider choosing a longer delay.

To adjust the touch and hold delay, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings > Accessibility > Touch and hold delay.
  2. Select Short, Medium, or Long.

More about the "touch and hold" gesture

"Touch and hold" is a common gesture on Android devices. It means that you touch an item on the screen and don't lift your finger until the item responds. Touch and hold often lets you take action on something on your screen. For example, to move an app icon on your home screen, touch and hold the icon, then drag it to the new location. Sometimes touch and hold is called a "long press."