Explore by touch in TalkBack

As you move your finger over the screen, TalkBack announces what's under your finger.

Basic touch exploration

To explore by touch, slowly drag one finger around the screen to move focus. You'll hear the icons, buttons, and other objects on the screen. When the focus reaches an item you'd like to select, double-tap anywhere on the screen to activate the focused item.

The virtual keyboard

When you enter a text editing field, a virtual keyboard appears on the bottom of the screen. You can explore this keyboard by touch just as you would other screens, but the activation works differently. To type a letter, slide your finger over the keyboard until you hear the character you'd like to type, then lift your finger to type the focused key. (Note: If you've installed a keyboard other than the default Android keyboard, you might have a different experience.)

To review text in an input field character by character, press the volume keys. Pressing volume up moves the cursor to the previous character, and volume down moves it to the next character. To move through the text at a different granularity (for example, to review word by word or line by line), use the local context menu as follows:

  1. While your focus is in the text field, swipe up then right in an L-shaped gesture to open the local context menu.
  2. Move your finger over the screen to hear options in this menu, and lift your finger to select when you hear "Change granularity." Now a new menu contains the different granularity options, such as word, character, and line.
  3. Move your finger over the screen to hear the options, then lift your finger to select. Now when you press the volume keys up and down, you move at the granularity that you selected.

Learn more about global and local context menus.