Android accessibility features

Android accessibility features and apps enable you to customize your Android device to suit your physical requirements. A brief summary of features is below, along with links to more information.

Services and tools for using your Android device

  • Screen reader (TalkBack): TalkBack is a screen reader that's included on your Android device. TalkBack uses spoken feedback to describe your actions and to tell you about alerts and notifications. Learn more about TalkBack.

  • Switch access: Switch access enables you to control your device with one or more switches. For users with limited mobility, switch access provides an alternative to using the touch screen. Learn more about switch access. (Android 5.0+)

  • Braille support (BrailleBack): BrailleBack is an add-on accessibility service that lets you connect a supported refreshable braille display to your Android device via Bluetooth. BrailleBack works with TalkBack for a combined speech and braille experience, allowing you to input text and interact with your Android device. Learn more about BrailleBack.

Settings to customize your Android device

The following settings are available in Settings > Accessibility. Follow the links to find detailed information about each setting.

Developer resources

Learn how to make your application more accessible with Android Accessibility developer resources.