Use BrailleBack keystrokes

The table below lists keystrokes for devices with braille input keys. Keystrokes might vary by braille display device.



Help Space + dots 1 2 3
Back Space + dots 1 2
Home Space + dots 1 2 5
Notifications Space + dots 1 3 4 5
Recent apps Space + dots 1 2 3 5
Switch between literary and computer braille Space + dots 1 2 4 5
Search the screen for text Space + dots 3 4
Enter key (when editing text) Space + dot 8
Backspace (when editing text) Space + dot 7
Navigate to the right or left Right or left pan key


Tip: For devices with routing keys, use routing keys to tap the item under the finger or move the caret when editing text. On some devices, long pressing a routing key has the same effect as long pressing the item on the screen.

Get keyboard help

Use either of these options to find keyboard help while you use BrailleBack:

  • Enter Space + dots 1 2 3.
  • Open your device's Settings app  . Open Accessibility and then BrailleBack and then Settings and then Keyboard help.
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