Find your way around Academy for Ads

New to Academy for Ads? Use this article to familiarize yourself with the interface.


The navigation links appear in the upper left of every screen in Academy for Ads, giving you access to the main areas:

Home: This is the main page where you'll find the latest courses, including featured and recommended trainings.

Browse: Find categories and topics to learn about. Take a course, walk through learning paths, register for events, or find recommended courses.

My Library: Find in-progress or previously completed courses as well as favorites to revisit.

More: Visit our Help Center or give feedback.

Additional navigation elements:

Profile: Click the icon of your image in the upper right to find your profile. From this page, you can see your achievements and certifications, and edit your account information.

Access a course or learning path

From the Browse menu, you can access all available course categories. You’ll also find recommended courses and learning paths.

When you click a category, you'll be brought into a list of all available courses within that category. You can also choose subcategories if you want to drill down into a specific topic.

You can also click on All Activities to access all courses and learning paths. You can use either the course navigation or the filter functionality to narrow down the list or jump to a different activity.

Courses and learning paths are all listed together from the catalog. Look for the word “Certification” in the path name to find where you can earn certifications.

You can take and complete any of the available courses, as many times as you'd like. You can start a course, move on to a new course, or finish others later. You’ll be able to track progress of your courses from My Library.

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