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Use Meet keyboard shortcuts

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Google Meet keyboard shortcuts

Note: To see a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, open Google Meet and in a video meeting, press Shift + ?

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Accessible info (requires screen reader) Mac Windows/Chrome OS
Announce who is currently speaking Ctrl + ⌘ + s Ctrl + Alt + s
Announce current information about the room Ctrl + ⌘ + i Ctrl + Alt + i
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Meeting controls Mac Windows/Chrome OS
Show or hide captions c c
Turn on or off camera ⌘ + e Ctrl + e
Mute or unmute your microphone ⌘ + d Ctrl + d
Increase the number of participant tiles Ctrl + ⌘ + k Ctrl + Alt + k
Decrease the number of participant tiles Ctrl + ⌘ + j Ctrl + Alt + j
Show or hide meeting chat window Ctrl + ⌘ + c Ctrl + Alt + c
Show or hide participants Ctrl + ⌘ + p Ctrl + Alt + p
Raise or lower your hand Ctrl + ⌘ + h Ctrl + Alt + h
Minimize or expand your video Ctrl + ⌘ + m Ctrl + Alt + m
Push to Talk Press and hold spacebar Press and hold spacebar
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