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Gmail cheat sheet

For Google Workspace customers: If you don’t see certain features, contact your administrator.



Send email, chat with colleagues, and start or join video meetings right from Gmail.

Get Gmail: Web (, or iOS

Email, chat, and collaborate

In Gmail, find Mail, Chat, Spaces, Meet, and change settings to show Chat or Meet.   1. Click Settings ""and thenSee all settingsand then
Chat and Meet to show or hide Chat or Meet
  2. Open email 
  3. Open direct chats 
  4. Open spaces for teams 
  5. Open video & audio meetings 

Compose an email

Map of Gmail options for composing email.   1. Click Compose to create an email
  2. Add recipients
  3. Add a subject
  4. Format text
  5. Add files, links, and more
  6. Show more options 
    7. Delete draft 

Reply to an email

""   1. See previous responses 
  2. Reply to email  
  3. Forward email 
  4. Expand all email 
  5. Open email in a new window 
  6. Show more options 

Chat with colleagues

Chat, see status, message, add files or emoji, change screen & turn history on or off.   1. Click New chat to chat with a person, space, or app
  2. See someone's status
  3. Add a Drive file or a Calendar invite 
  4. Format text, add emojis, and more 
  5. Search in a chat 
    6. Read chat messages 
    7. Send a chat message 

Collaborate in a space

Use spaces, check mail, change settings, find & edit shared files, & share tasks.   1. Click New space to create or find a space
  2. Open a space
  3. Access chats, shared files, or tasks
  4. Add people, see members, and more 
  5. Search in a space

Start or join video meetings

Start or join a meeting, use a code, & get information on how to join.   1. Create a new meeting
  2. Join a meeting using a code or nickname 
  3. Join a selected meeting
  4. See details for a selected meeting
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