Integrated Gmail experience cheat sheet

For Google Workspace customers: If you don’t see certain features, contact your administrator.


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Integrated Gmail is your home base for work-related content, team projects, and conversations.

Get Gmail: Web (, or iOS

1. Send email, chat one-on-one or in groups, collaborate in rooms, and start or join video meetings—all in Gmail. If you don't see these options, check your Gmail settings.


2. Chat: Send direct messages for quick conversations, and use bots to find information and automate tasks. 

* Note: If you use Gmail through work or school, you might not see bots if your administrator has turned them off for your organization.

3. Rooms: Create a workspace for your project or team with shared chat messages, documents, and tasks.


4. Meet: Start or schedule a video or audio meeting, get a meeting link, or use a code to join a meeting.

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