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6. Give a presentation with Slides

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When you're done editing your presentation, it's time to get your work out in the world.

In this section, you learn how to:

6.1 Present your slides

6.1 Present your slides


When you’re ready to preview or present your slides, click Start presentation Present at the top of the page.

To see your speaker notes, click the Down arrow ""next to Start presentation Present and select Presenter view.

When you move your mouse on your slideshow, a bar temporarily appears with controls to:

"" or "" Move between slides.
Play "" Play, pause, or resume the slideshow.
Forum Start a Q&A session with your audience.
Speaker notes Open the speaker notes window.
"" Turn the laser pointer on or off.
"" Fullscreen exit Switch to and from full-screen mode.
Settings See more Settings options.
Exit Exit the slideshow.

Pie chart displayed on the desktop

Tip: For tips on giving presentations, see 10 Google Workspace tips for great presentations.

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