G Suite for power users

Whether you have a simple task or a complex job process, G Suite’s apps can help you work smarter, faster, and more collaboratively. The power user resources below can help you improve your skills and meet more advanced needs for your job.


Try the G Suite Hack for power users

Complete these five tasks designed to help you learn advanced G Suite skills and features to use at work.

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Transformation Gallery

View ideas on how to use G Suite apps for more complex tasks in your job role or industry.

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Developers Solutions Gallery

If you’re a little more technical and don’t mind copying and pasting some code, this gallery shows you how to customize G Suite for your work.

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In-depth training with Google Sheets Coursera course

Many power users want extra training with Google Sheets. This video training specifically for Google Sheets not only teaches the basics, but also goes into more features power users need for their work.

Learn more about the course on Coursera

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G Suite Learning Center

Get the most out of G Suite in your workplace with training guides, tips, customer examples, and other resources. 

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G Suite YouTube channel

Find videos featuring pro tips, new features, and announcements about upcoming releases. 

Visit the G Suite YouTube channel
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G Suite certification

A Google Cloud certification in G Suite shows that you are a G Suite expert and have the skills to work collaboratively and productively in a professional environment.

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Get additional help

Want additional help? Check out the resources at the G Suite Welcome Center or the Help Centers below. 


About G Suite's apps
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Connect with your teammates wherever they are

Custom business email

Easy scheduling for teams

Google Chat
Secure team messaging

Google Meet
Easy-to-join video meetings

Enterprise-grade voice solution


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Create everything you need to bring your project to life 

Documents with real-time

Advanced, fast online spreadsheets

Beautiful presentations created together

Easy surveys and forms

Easy-to-build websites

Capture ideas and keep organized

A collaborative, digital whiteboard

App Maker
Build custom business apps


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Control and access files and data more securely and easily 

Secure cloud storage and file sharing

Cloud Search
Powerful search across G Suite

Secure data with mobile device management

Archive, search and export information

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