Switching to Android from Blackberry

Overview: Switching to Android from Blackberry


Whether you’re setting up your G Suite account on your new Android work device, or are adding your work account to your personal Android device, you can access your work mail, calendar, contacts, and other resources from anywhere, anytime. You can also transfer all your personal files from your BlackBerry® smartphone to your Android device.

Note: Android settings have different wordings depending on the device version. If the exact wording in this guide doesn’t match what’s on your phone, use the search feature in Settings to find a similar option.

What you need:
10 minutes
Account A G Suite accountDon't have one? Sign up.

Table of contents

Section 1 Set up your account

1.1 Set up your account

Section 2 Set up mail and contacts

2.1 Set up your mail
2.2 Transfer your contacts

Section 3 Set up your Calendar

3.1 Add your Calendars

Section 4: Move texts, photos, and videos

4.1 Transfer your text messages
4.2 Transfer your photos and videos

Section 5: Get more G Suite services

5.1 Download and install other G Suite services
5.2 Download other apps

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