Switching to Sheets from Microsoft Excel

1. Access Google Sheets

In this section:

1.1 Get Sheets on your devices
1.2 (Optional) Add multiple Google Accounts
1.3 Create a browser bookmark
1.4 Add a Sheets desktop shortcut (Windows only)
1.5 Work offline (Chrome only)

1.1 Get Sheets on your devices

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You can open Sheets in any of the following ways:

  • Any web browser—Go to sheets.google.com.
  • Google Drive—Click Newand thenGoogle Sheets and create from scratch or from a template.
  • Most Google pages—In the upper-right corner, click the App Launcher App Launcherand thenSheets.
  • Android devices—Install and open the Android app.
  • Apple® iOS® devices—Install and open the iOS app.

Select Sheets from the Apps Launcher

1.2 (Optional) Add multiple Google Accounts

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Have multiple Google Accounts? Quickly switch between them with Chrome profiles.

Note: Don’t have Chrome Browser yet? See instructions on how to install Chrome.

  1. In Chrome Browser, in the top-right corner next to the address bar, click your profile image.
  2. Click Manage People.
  3. Click Add Person.
  4. Enter a name, choose an image, and click Add.
  5. Sign in with the Google Account you're adding.
    All settings and bookmarks automatically sync.
  6. Click your profile image and choose a different profile to switch between accounts.

If you’re unsure which account you’re currently using, click your name and see which profile is at the top.

Manage browser profiles

1.3 Create a browser bookmark

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  1. In Chrome Browser, open Sheets.

    Note: If you prefer to open spreadsheets from Google Drive, open Drive instead.

  2. In the top-right corner, click MoreMoreand thenBookmarks.
  3. Make sure that Show Bookmarks Bar has a check next to it.
  4. In the address bar, click Bookmark Star.

If you’re not using Chrome, follow your browser’s instructions to bookmark sheets.google.com.

Bookmark Sheets on a browser

1.4 Add a Sheets desktop shortcut (Windows only)

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If you’re using Microsoft® Windows®, you can add a shortcut to Sheets on your desktop.

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click.
  2. Choose Newand thenShortcut.
  3. For the location, enter https://sheets.google.com.
  4. (Optional) To name your shortcut, enter a name.
  5. Click Finish.

Add a short to Sheets to the desktop

1.5 Work offline (Chrome only)

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When you turn on offline access, your most recent files are automatically saved for offline use.

  1. Install the Google Docs Offline extension.
  2. In Drive, click Settings Settingsand thenSettings.
  3. In the Offline section, check the Create, open, and edit your recent Google files while offline box.
  4. Click Done.
  5. Right-click a file and turn on Available offline.

To learn how to access files offline from your desktop or mobile, see Access stored Drive files without the internet.

Access files offline

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