Switching to Calendar from Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Overview: Differences between Calendar and Outlook

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Now that you've switched from Microsoft® Outlook® to G Suite, learn how to use Google Calendar as your new scheduling program.

What you need:
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Account G Suite account – Don't have one? Sign up.
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In Outlook... In Calendar...
Schedule a meeting or appointment Create an event
Create recurring events Create repeating events
Transfer ownership of an event by deleting and then recreating the event Change the event's owner
Schedule one-on-one meetings as individual meetings Create one-on-one meetings or bookable appointment slots
Add attendees to an email invitation Add groups or guests to event details
Schedule a conference call Automatically add video calls in event details
View calendars side by side Overlay calendars
Use importance markers to identify events Use color-coding to distinguish events and calendars 
Publish a calendar Make a calendar public
Select time zones for an event Narrow time zone selection by country

Table of contents

Section 1: Access Calendar

1.1 Get Calendar on your devices
1.2 (Optional) Add multiple Google Accounts
1.3 Create a browser bookmark
1.4 Add a Calendar desktop shortcut

Section 2: Customize your Calendar view

2.1 Change how you see your calendar
2.2 Color-code calendars and events
2.3 Change calendar time zones
2.4 Add another time zone

Section 3: Create events

3.1   Create a new event
3.2   Add guests to an event
3.3   Find a time that suits all guests
3.4   Add a room to an event
3.5   Add files to an event
3.6   Add a video-meeting link to an event

Section 4: Respond to events

4.1 Respond to an event
4.2 Add a note to your response or propose a new time
4.3 Set event notifications
4.4 Remove event notifications

Section 5: Manage events

5.1 Create repeating events
5.2 Email guests from a Calendar event
5.3 Find an event
5.4 Copy an event to a different calendar
5.5 Decline events during out-of-office hours
5.6 Restore a deleted event

Section 6: Collaborate in Calendar

6.1 Change an event owner
6.2 Add a co-worker’s calendar
6.3 Create additional calendars
6.4 Share or delegate your calendar
6.5 Share your calendar with your organization
6.6 Create a mailing group for events

Section 7: Get Calendar productivity tips

7.1 Create tasks in Calendar
7.2 Get your daily agenda in your inbox
7.3 Use filters to move Calendar responses out of your Gmail inbox
7.4 Set working hours
7.5 Add appointment slots to Calendar

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