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Switching to Calendar from Microsoft Outlook Calendar

2. Customize your Calendar view

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In this section:

2.1 Change how you see your calendar
2.2 Color-code calendars and events
2.3 Change calendar time zones
2.4 Add another time zone

2.1 Change how you see your calendar


Select your view

Change your calendar view

Change calendar view in 2016 version

Outlook 2016

Change calendar view in 2013 version

Outlook 2013

Change view in 2010 version

Outlook 2010

  1. At the top right in the calendar view box, click the Down arrow "" and choose an option:
    • View a calendar by day, week, month, or year
    • View your schedule
    • Hide or show weekends
    • Hide or show declined events
  2. To view multiple calendars side-by-side in day view—select Day view and check the boxes next to the calendars you want to see.
  3. To view the next or previous day’s calendar—next to Today, click Next "" or Previous "".

Set calendar view


2.2 Color-code calendars and events


Color categories


Color-code in 2016 version

Outlook 2016

Color-code in 2013 version

Outlook 2013

Color coding in 2010 version

Outlook 2010

Give your calendars, reminders, and tasks different colors to tell them apart. For example, make all events related to a project the same color.

Change color for all events in a calendar:

  1. On the left under My calendars, point to the calendar.
  2. Click More "" and select a color or click Add "" to choose a custom color.

Select from several colors

Change color for a single event:
  1. Right-click an event.
  2. Select a new color.

2.3 Change calendar time zones


Time zones

Time zone

Set time zones in 2016 version

Outlook 2016

Show secondary time zone in 2013 version

Outlook 2013

Show secondary time zone in 2010 version

Outlook 2010

When you travel, you can change your time zone and see your calendar in the local time wherever you are.

  1. Go to Settings ""and thenSettings.
  2. On the left, click Time zone
  3. Click Primary time zone and choose your time zone.
  4. (Optional) To automatically update your time zone when you travel, check the Ask to update my primary time zone to current location box.

Select a time zone

2.4 Add another time zone


Set and swap time zones

Time zones

Swap time zones in 2016 version

Outlook 2016, 2013, and 2010

If you work with people in another time zone, you can add their time zone to Calendar. Seeing the time where they are makes it easier to schedule events during everyone’s working hours.

Note: Guests see events you create in their own time zone.

  1. At the top, click Settings ""and thenSettings.
  2. On the left, click Time zone and check the Display secondary time zone box. (The primary time zone is where you live.)
  3. Click the Secondary time zone field and select another time zone.
  4. (Optional) To identify the time zone, add a label, such as Europe.

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