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What can you do with Voice?

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Voice displayed on devices

With Google Voice, you get one phone number that works across smartphones, the web, and desk phones. With one number, you’re never tied to a physical device to make and receive phone calls, text messages (U.S. only), or access voicemail.

Your organization might assign you a Voice number, let you choose your own, or transfer an existing number.

Important: Before you can use Voice, your administrator must have enabled it for your organization.

What you need:
"" 10 minutes
Account Google Workspace accountDon't have one? Start your free 14-day trial today.

Get Voice: Web (, or iOS



Section 1: Set up Voice

1.1 Get the Voice mobile app
1.2 Sign in and set up Voice
1.3 Add linked phone numbers
1.4 Add contacts in Voice
1.5 Create a voicemail greeting

Section 2: Make and receive calls

2.1 Make a call
2.2 Join a meeting
2.3 Call emergency services

Section 3: Use text and voicemail

3.1 Send and receive text messages
3.2 Check voicemail
3.3 Redirect calls to voicemail

Section 4: Archive or delete calls

4.1 Archive calls and messages
4.2 Delete calls, text messages, and voicemail messages

Section 5: Manage call settings

5.1 Change where you get calls
5.2 Change notifications
5.3 Change audio settings
5.4 Search your history
5.5 Block unwanted calls

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