Google Slides

Enhance presentations with powerful visuals


Slide with a pie chart displayed on a laptopSimplify processes with a diagram. Summarize concepts with a graph. Engage your audience through videos or animations.

With Google Slides presentations, bring your ideas to life through professional and polished visuals—no software required.

What you need:
" " 10 minutes
Account Google Workspace accountDon't have one? Start your free 14-day trial today.

Get Slides: Web (, or iOS


Table of contents

Section 1: Add visuals to your presentation

1.1 Add images
1.2 Add videos
1.3 Add graphs
1.4 Add transitions and animations

Section 2: Edit visuals in your presentation

2.1 Crop images
2.2 Add borders
2.3 Adjust image color

Section 3: Create diagrams and flowcharts

3.1 Add shapes
3.2 Edit shapes
3.3 Insert text
3.4 Example diagrams

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