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2. Post and share content

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Google Currents

Share insights, collaborate with team members, or get feedback on your ideas with Currents posts.

In this section, you learn how to:

2.1 Share posts
2.2 Add and manage tags
2.3 Comment on a post
2.4 Edit or delete a post or comment

2.1 Share posts

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You can choose who you share posts with by sharing posts to Communities, or with people. When you share a post, anyone who follows you and has permission to see the post can see it in their streams. Posts you share can also show on your profile.

Note: Your G Suite admin has certain moderation privileges. Even if you block a G Suite admin or Currents Content Administrator, they may still be able to view and moderate your content. To learn more, see Moderate content on Currents.

Share a post:

  1. Open a community that you belong to, or go to your Home page.
  2. In the bottom right, click Create Plus. Enter your post, and optionally, a title.
  3. (Optional) Choose an option:

    • To share a photo, click Insert photo "".
    • To share a link, click Link "".
    • To create a poll, click Poll Add poll.
    • To share a Google Drive file, click Add Google Drive file "".
  4. Next to your name is the audience you’ll share your post with. (Your administrator may set the default option to your domain.) To change who you want to share the post with, click the blue text.

  5. Click Post.

Reshare someone else’s post:

  1. On the post you want to reshare, click Share .
    Note: If you don't see the Share  icon, it means the person who made the post chose to not let people reshare it, or it's in a private community. You can't share private posts publicly.
  2. (Optional) Enter a post.
  3. Next to your name is the audience you’ll share your post with. (Your admin may set the default option to your domain.) To change who you want to share the post with, click the blue text.

  4. Click Post.
Resharing a post

2.2 Add and manage tags

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You can explore, follow, and categorize content that you’re interested in by using tags. For example, if you follow #design, you’ll see posts with that tag in your feed. You might also see tags for you to follow. Your G Suite administrator can turn tags on or off for your organization.

Adding tags to your post can help other people find your content, such as in a Currents search or streams. We recommend 2–4 tags for a post. You can create your own tags or select a suggested tag.

Add a tag to your post

  1. When you compose a post, anywhere in the post, enter and a tag name (for example, #design or #CompanyNews). 
  2. The tag name must start with a letter and can only include letters, numbers, dash (-), and underscore (_). The maximum length of a hashtag is 128 characters.


    Note: Your admin may demote a tag, which means it won't be suggested as an autocomplete option when it's being entered and can't be followed. Tags that are used and later demoted will still appear in the posts they were added to.

  3. Enter the rest of your post and click Post

Follow and unfollow tags

  1. Hover over the tag and click Follow or click the tag to preview it before you follow it.
  2. (Optional) To see suggested tags, on the left, click Tags
  3. (Optional) To remove a tag, on the left, click Tags and then Following next to the tag that you want to stop following.

Note: You can track how many times a tag is used under Tags. Tag counts are approximate (if a tag is used in 1–4 posts, it will be reported as "a few posts"). ​


2.3 Comment on a post

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You can comment on your own posts and on posts that other people share. Unless blocked, anyone who can see the post can also see your comment. To like or agree with something, use the Like button.

  1. On the post you want to comment on, click in the comment field.
  2. Enter your comment.
  3. Click Post.

Like or agree with posts

Like someone’s post:

  1. Click Like.
  2. (Optional) To remove a like, click Like again.

2.4 Edit or delete a post or comment

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  1. Point at the post or comment you want to edit or delete.
  2. Click More "" and choose an option:
    1. Click Edit post or Edit. Make your changes and click Save or Update.
    2. Click Delete or Delete comment and then Delete again to confirm.
Delete and edit a post
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