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Start by creating a quiz from scratch or changing an existing form into a quiz.

In this section, you learn how to:

Create a quiz or convert a form to a quiz


Create a quiz:

The quickest way to create a quiz is to use this link:

Create a quiz from Forms or convert a form to a quiz:

  1. Open Forms.
  2. Open a form and at the top of it, click Settings.
  3. Turn on Make this a quiz.
    • (Optional) To collect email addresses, next to Responses, click the Down arrow "" and turn on Collect emails addresses.

Create a quiz or turn a form into a quiz

Create a quiz from Google Drive:

  1. Open Drive.
  2. Click Newand thenGoogle Formsand thenBlank quiz.

Customize your quiz:

  1. Name your quiz: Above the questions and the form description, click Untitled form, then enter a name.
  2. (Optional) Take any of the following actions:
    • Add a description: Under the quiz name, add your text.
    • Add a header, change the theme and background color, or font style: Click Customize Theme "" and then choose your options.
    • Move your form to a different Drive folder: Click Move to folder ""and thenchoose your folder and click Move here.

Add questions

Note: Changes are automatically saved. To preview your changes any time, at top right, click Preview "".
Add questions
Click Untitled Question and enter your question. You get suggestions based on your type of question.
2 (Optional) To change the question type, click the Down arrow "" and choose an option.
3 Add response options (if applicable for your question type).
4 To add a copy of the existing question, click Duplicate "".
  5 (Optional) To specify if people must answer the question, click Required.
  6 To add a new question, click Add question "".

Collect email addresses and names


To identify each respondent and send quiz results or feedback, you can collect email addresses and request individual names. You can limit respondents to people in your organization. That way, only people who have an email that’s associated with your organization can respond to the quiz. If you don’t limit respondents, then people can respond to the quiz using any email address.

To manage how responses are collected, open a quiz and choose an option:

  • Turn on email collection—Click Settingsand thenResponsesand thenturn on Collect email addresses.
  • Control who can respond—Click Settingsand thenResponsesand then and turn Restrict to users in your organization and its trusted organizations on or off.

Note: If you turn on Restrict to users in your organization and its trusted organizations, this automatically collects the person’s organizational email address (that they are signed in with). If you turn off Restrict to users in your organization and its trusted organizations, people can enter any email address.

To collect names, create a question that asks people to enter their names. You can also create a separate section for collecting emails and names. See Track different groups taking a quiz.

Collect email addresses for sending results, with option to restrict personal email addresses

Specify correct answers and points


You can specify answers for these question types: multiple choice, checkbox, dropdown, and short answer. You can also specify how many points a correct answer is worth.

  1. Open a quiz and click the question.
  2. Click Answer key.
  3. Select or type the correct answer (or answers).
  4. Next to the question, enter the number of points the correct answer is worth.
  5. Click Done to go back to the question. Changes save automatically.
Type of question Marked correct if respondent provides
Short answer The exact answer.

Note: You can automatically mark non-matching responses as incorrect by clicking Answer keyand thenturn on Mark all other answers incorrect. If you don’t select this option, non-matching responses are left ungraded for you to manually review and award points.

Long answer Long answers over one or more paragraphs.
Multiple choice Any matching answer.
Checkbox All matching answers (if there are several).
Dropdown Any matching answer.

Specify correct answers and points

Set up rules for a question


You can create rules that people have to follow when they fill out your quiz. For example, if you ask for email addresses, you can make sure that people can only submit properly formatted email addresses.

  1. In a quiz, select one of the following questions:
    • Short answer
    • Paragraph
    • Checkboxes
  2. Click More Moreand thenResponse validation.
  3. Choose the type of rule you want.
  4. (Optional) To let people see an error message when they enter an answer that breaks your rules, enter a message in the Custom error text field.
  5. Turn on Required.

Add feedback to answers


You can add feedback for incorrect and correct answers to each question. Respondents won’t see the feedback until they get their results.

  1. In a quiz, click the question.
  2. Click Answer keyand thenAdd answer feedback.
  3. Depending on the type of question, choose from the following actions:
    • For questions graded automatically, add feedback under Incorrect answers, Correct answers, or both.
    • For questions graded manually, enter general feedback. It appears for all responses.
  4. (Optional) To add a link:
    1. Click Link "".
    2. In Link to, add the URL.
    3. In Text to display (optional), enter the text you want to appear.
    4. Click Addand thenSave.
  5. (Optional) To add a YouTube video:
    1. Click Youtube "".
    2. Choose an option:
      • Video search—Enter your search in the search box.
      • URL—Paste the YouTube URL (link).
    3. Click Selectand thenSave.

Add answer feedback

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