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Drive overviewWith Google Drive, you can open your files from your computer’s Drive folder on the desktop or from your browser. Files you create with Google Docs open in your browser or mobile app. Other files in your Drive folder will open in their regular applications (like Adobe Reader for PDF files) on your computer.

What you need:

" " 10 minutes
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Section 1: Upload and store files in Drive

1.1 Upload files to Drive on the web
1.2 Store files on your desktop
1.3 Upload files from your phone or tablet

Section 2: Access your files in Drive

2.1 Check your sync status
2.2 Access your files from any device
2.3 Access your files offline

Section 3: View and update files in Drive

3.1 Preview and download stored files on the web
3.2 Open your files
3.3 Update Drive files
3.4 Delete your files
3.5 Restore deleted files

Section 4: Organize and search in Drive

4.1 Create folders
4.2 Move files to folders
4.3 Access files quickly
4.4 Star important files and folders
4.5 Search and sort your files and folders

Section 5: Access your calendar, notes, and tasks

5.1 Open your Google Calendar and events
5.2 Open notes in Google Keep
5.3 Open your to-do lists in Google Tasks
5.4 Get add-ons

Section 6: Share and collaborate in My Drive

6.1 Share files and set access levels and visibility
6.2 View Drive activity and file details
6.3 Collaborate with Google Docs editors

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