Get started with Sheets

2. Add content to your spreadsheet

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Now that you have a spreadsheet open, you can start working in it. Sheets automatically saves every change you make.

In this section, you learn how to:

2.1 Enter and edit your data
2.2 Customize your spreadsheet
2.3 Work with rows, columns, and cells
2.4 Work with multiple sheets

2.1 Enter and edit your data

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1 Rename your spreadsheet: Click Untitled spreadsheet and enter a new name.
2 Enter text or data: Click a cell and enter text.
3 Insert more items: Click Insert and add charts, images, drawings, functions, notes, and more.

Rename a sheet at the top, add text to the cells, and use the menu to insert an item

Note: You can also add a function to a cell by typing =. To see which functions are available, see the Google spreadsheets function list.

2.2 Customize your spreadsheet

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Select cells in your spreadsheet and then format them using the toolbar options.

"" Undo or redo your last changes or print your spreadsheet.
Copy formatting Copy formatting from any text and apply it to another selection of text.
Format your data Format your data as currency or a percentage, change decimal places, and more.
Arial "" | 10 "" Change font or font size.
Strikethrough Make text bold or in italics, strikethrough text, or change the text color.
Add or change the color of cells.
Border Add or edit cell borders.
Merge cells Merge cells.
Change text alignment Change the text alignment, how text wraps, or rotate text.
"" Add comment Chart Insert links, comments, or charts.
Filter Filter your data.
Add functions Add functions.

2.3 Work with rows, columns, and cells

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Add rows, columns, and cells:

  1. Select the row, column, or cell near where you want to add your new entry.
  2. Right-click the highlighted row, column, or celland thenInsertand thenchoose where to insert the new entry.

Delete, clear, or hide rows and columns: Right-click the row number or column letterand thenDelete, Clear, or Hide.

Delete cells: Select the cells and right-clickand thenDelete cellsand thenShift left or Shift up.

Move rows or columns: Select the row number or column letter and drag it to a new location.

Move cells:

  1. Select the cells.
  2. Point your cursor to the top of the selected cells until a hand appears.
  3. Drag the cells to a new location.

Freeze header rows and columns: Keep a row or column in the same place as you scroll through your spreadsheet. On the menu bar, click Viewand thenFreeze and choose an option.

Options 1 through 5 mapped out on a sheet


2.4 Work with multiple sheets

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Add a sheet:

  • At the bottom of your spreadsheet, click Add sheet  to add another sheet.

Delete or copy a sheet:

  1. Open the sheet.
  2. At the bottom of your spreadsheet, on the sheet’s tab, click the Down arrow "".
  3. Select Delete or Duplicate.

Find delete, duplicate options in the menu of a tab at the bottom of a sheet

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