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4. Send quiz results

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You can send quiz results immediately upon submission, or send results by email later.

In this section, you learn how to:

4.1 Customize quiz results
4.2 Choose when to send results
4.3 Send results by email

4.1 Customize quiz results

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When you send quiz results, whether automatically or manually, the following information is included:

  • Incorrect responses
  • Correct answers
  • Point values

Customize quiz results:

  1. In Forms, open a quiz.
  2. Click Settings Settingsand thenQuizzes.
  3. Under Respondent can see, select or deselect any of the options.
  4. Click Save.

Choose type of feedback respondents get

4.2 Choose when to send results

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  1. At the top right, click Settings Settings.
  2. Click Quizzes.
  3. Choose an option:
    • Immediately after each submission: Automatically sends respondents their results after submission.
    • Later, after manual review: Email results to respondents at a time of your choosing. Selecting this option turns on email collection, which is necessary so that you can send results later.
  4. Click Save.

Choose when to release grades

4.3 Send results by email

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When you’re finished grading and ready to send results, you can choose who to send them to.

  1. Under Responses, click Summary or Individual.
  2. Click Release Score(s).
  3. Check the boxes next to who you want to email.
  4. Click Send Emails and Release.

Release scores over email

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