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Quiz overviewYou can quickly assess your students' understanding with automatic and manual grading tools. Specify correct answers, points, and give feedback for correct and incorrect responses. Identify frequently missed questions that need further review in the response summary.

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Table of contents

Section 1: Create a quiz

1.1 Create a new quiz or convert a form
1.2 Add questions
1.3 Collect email addresses and names
1.4 Specify correct answers and points
1.5 Add feedback to answers

Section 2: Send a quiz

2.1 Control who can respond
2.2 Send a quiz

Section 3: Grade a quiz

3.1 Grade by response
3.2 Grade by respondent

Section 4: Send quiz results

4.1 Customize quiz results
4.2 Choose when to send results
4.3 Send results by email

Section 5: Print a quiz

5.1 Print questions or responses

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