Create a team calendar

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In addition to your own calendar, you can create other calendars to track schedules and manage projects.


  • Track team members’ vacations schedules and business trip dates.
  • See who’s in the office or working remotely at any time.
  • Check when everyone is available for team-wide events and meetings.
  • See what projects, deadlines, and other events people are working on.

Create a team calendar" "

  1. Open Calendar, and on the left next to Other calendars, click Add other calendars Addand thenCreate new calendar.
  2. Name the calendar and add a description.
  3. Click Time zone and select your time zone.
  4. Click Create calendar. Your new calendar appears under My calendars.
  5. (Optional) To update any calendar preferences, point to it and click More Moreand thenSettings.

    You can create as many calendars as you want using the same process.

Share a team calendar" "

  1. Open Calendar and under My calendars, point to the calendar you want to share, and click More Moreand then Settings.

  2. Choose an option:
    • To share with individuals—Under Share with specific people, add the person or the email address of the person you want to share with, and click Add peopleand thenSend.
    • To change wider sharing settings—Under Access permissions, select Make available to public or Make available for organization name.
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