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Creating the same types of files over and over can be time-consuming and inconsistent across team members. Save time with templates in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms. You can choose an existing template or create your own.


  • Create eye-catching resumes, brochures, or newsletters instantly using Docs.
  • Get an instant format for invoices, budgets, expense reports, or schedules in Sheets.
  • Make your sales pitch, case study, proposal, or status report stand out with a Slides presentation.
  • Promote your organization by creating branded templates for external-facing documents, such as proposals and reports, using any of the Docs editors.
  • Add signatures to an agreement, flowcharts to a process document, import metrics into a spreadsheet, and more with add-ons.

Use an existing template" "

Choose an option:

  • From Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, at the top, select one of the featured templates. Click Template Gallery to see additional templates.
  • If you already have a file open in one of the Docs editors, click Fileand thenNewand thenFrom template and select the template you want.
  • From Drive, choose an option:
    • For the Docs editors, click Plus Newand thenGoogle Docs, Sheets, or Slidesand thenFrom a template.
    • For Forms, click Plus Newand thenMore and thenGoogle Formsand thenFrom a template.

Create your own template" "

  1. Choose an option:
    • Create a new document, spreadsheet, presentation, or form.
    • Open an existing document, spreadsheet, presentation, or form and make the changes you want for your template.
  2. From Docs, Sheets, Slides, or Forms, at the top, click Template Galleryand thenyour organization name.
  3. Click Submit Template.
  4. Click Select a document and choose the template file you created.
  5. Click Open.
  6. (Optional) To submit a copy of the file instead of the original, check the box.
  7. Select a category for your file.
  8. Click Submit.

    Your new template appears in the Template Gallery under My templates.

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