Search old chats for information

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Search your chat history and find the exact content you’re looking for in Google Chat.

Search in old chats" "

  1. At the top, click Search .
  2. On the left, select a room, or click All rooms and direct messages.
  3. To enter search text, type in the search box.
  4. To narrow your search, click people and content types (such as images or videos). 

Turn search history on or off" "

You can turn your chat history on or off for conversations with another person or a group. If you turn it off, new conversations are permanently deleted in 24 hours. Currently, you can’t turn the conversation history on or off for a room.

Note: If you don't see this option, contact your G Suite administrator.

In the reply area, click history on or off:

  • History on History on.
  • History off History off.
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