See when everyone’s available by adding their calendars

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To co-ordinate schedules with large groups of people in Google Calendar, just add their calendars so you can see when everyone is available.

View and add other people's calendars" "

  1. In Calendar, on the left, click Add calendar, and start entering the person’s name or address.
  2. Select the person from the list:
    • If the person has shared their calendar, it appears in your list of calendars. That person’s events also appear on your calendar.
    • If the person hasn’t shared their calendar with you, click Request access.
    • If the person doesn’t use Calendar, a dialog box appears. Fill out your request and click Send Invite.
  3. To hide or show their events on your calendar, check the color box to the left of a person’s name in your Other calendars list.

Get suggested meeting times" "

  1. Open Calendar and click Plus Createand thenMore options.
  2. Next to Event details, click Find a time. You’ll see the local time for guests in other time zones just below their name.
  3. Scroll up or down the time slots, or click the arrows at the top to view different days and weeks.
  4. Click a time slot and then click Save.

Note: You can also get a suggested meeting time after you add guests. Under the list of guests, click Suggested Times and choose a time.

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